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The American Association of Clinical Chemistry and CaseBauer will cosponsor an audit of the clinical laboratory professionals attending the 2006 Annual Meeting to be held at Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center from July 25-27, 2006.

This independent audit, performed by CaseBauer, is published annually and provided to meeting exhibitors at no charge. The audit is designed to assist program managers, product managers, and sales management in their planning of the meeting. The 2005 survey, published September 28, 2005, included 650 panelists. The data analysis included 2 and 3 year trends.

In addition to this audit, CaseBauer also conducts custom studies from it's research facilities at the meeting. CaseBauer AACC surveys are turnkey and can be set up with limited lead times and minimal support. Results are available shortly after the meeting.

AACC surveys offer a unique opportunity to reach diverse audiences that would otherwise be difficult to recruit in any other single locale, such as:

  • National Organizations (e.g.; Tenet, Kaiser)
  • Early Adopters of Technologies or Products (e.g.; users of a recently released product)
  • Group Purchasing Organization Members (e.g.; Premier, VHA)
  • Commercial Laboratory Directors (e.g.; Quest, LabCorp, Mayo)
  • Core Laboratory Directors
  • Molecular Diagnostic Sites
  • Laboratory Automation Sites
  • Point of Care Coordinators

On-Site Focus Groups - Our focus group facilities are located at Chicago Focus. Chicago Focus is centrally located at 7 Huron Street, near the convention hotels. CaseBauer information booths will be set up in the lobby of the convention center and on the Exhibit Hall Floor. Focus Group services include project design, discussion guide development, sample design, recruitment, expert moderation, all facilities, video and/or audio tape recordings, honoraria, and final reports. Groups are pre-recruited and/or recruited on-site.

Written Surveys - CaseBauer will have survey desks set up in high traffic areas near the AACC registration desks and on the Exhibit Hall Floor near the main entrance. We have the capacity to field between 50 - 500 surveys at this meeting depending on the field of study. Survey projects include project design, questionnaire development, sample design, recruitment, fielding, data tabulation, honoraria and final reports. Respondents are recruited on-site.

One-on-One Interviews - CaseBauer has interview facilities located in the McCormick Place Convention Center. CaseBauer has the capacity to conduct from 30 - 50 interviews per project. Respondents can be pre-recruited and/or recruited on-site. One-on-one interview assignments include project design, discussion guide development, sample design, recruitment, expert interviewing, all facilities, honoraria, and final reports.

CaseBauer practices in five areas:
Market Modeling, Strategy/Business Development, Benchmarking, Market Research and Business Services.

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